Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Halloween Mani

Hello again!

In my quest to use an untried polish, I came across Sinful Colours' "Cloud 9." It's a shimmery tangerine colour and since it's October, I immediately thought of doing a Halloween mani (even though Halloween isn't a big deal here and I've never actually seen anyone carve a pumpkin).

-I used Colour Club's "Wham! Pow!" as a base since "Cloud 9" is very sheer. I used one thick coat of it to maximise opacity.
-"Cloud 9" went on over the first coat of polish.

-I used an old black polish and a long striping brush to draw lines radiating from one corner outwards on my ring finger and thumb. After that, I added the small curved lines in between to create the spiderweb design.
-For my index and pinky fingers, I used the same brush and polish to draw pumpkins on half of each nail. Sinful Colours' "Happy Ending" was the perfect green to add the stems.
-I used Shany's SH02 plate and black Konad Special Polish with my Konad stamping set to stamp the cat image onto my middle finger.
-I took a photo without topcoat because I was afraid of smudging the designs with the topcoat brush.

-Then added topcoat.

Happy polishing!

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