Sunday, 14 October 2012

Salmon Nails

Hi there!

Ever had a mani turn out to be a literal representation of the colour? This one happened by accident. Only after I'd done it, I found the zebra nails looked like a piece of smoked salmon! Coincidentally (or perhaps as expected) the base colour was a salmon pink.

I did this mani before I started blogging so please excuse the extra crappy photos!
-I started with Unforgettable Moments' "Liquid Candy" over my usual base coat. I thought it was coral in the store, then thought it was bubblegum pink when I got home. I finally decided it can be any colour within that range, depending on the lighting. lol It tends to be more of a salmon but it photographs more bubblegum pink.
-I used Konad's m57 plate and white Konad special polish to stamp zebra (salmon?) patterns on my ring and index fingers. I used the same set to stamp the zebra pattern on half of my remaining nails in a diagonal fashion.
-The edges of the design on the nails without full zebra patterns looked scruffy so I used Kiss striping polish in "White" to draw a line at the edge of the design.
-I added turquoise hex glitter with a toothpick from Kleancolour's "Starry Blue" and finished with topcoat. Unfortunately I smudged some of the stamps with the topcoat. :(

Happy polishing!

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