Friday, 2 November 2012

Belated Halloween Manis


Are you all sick of seeing Halloween manis? So am I but I didn't have time to post mine until now so I'm posting it anyway! I actually did two looks- one just for fun, and one that I actually wore to go out. Here's the first one I did...

-I first used Revlon's "Charming" as a base colour.
-I then used a cotton swab to "sponge" on Sinful Colours' "Sweet Treat," concentrating more of the colour at the tip of the nail and fading out. I put some of the polish on the skin around my nails, again concentrating it at my fingertips, just to get a more bloodied appearance.
-I used Sinful Colours' "Rich in Heart" in the same way, but this time I didn't go as far down the nail since I wanted some of the red polish to show through.
-A little black polish on the tips completed the gory look.

Doesn't look quite as authentic with the flash.
The second look, which I actually wore to go out, was a simple blood splatter mani. This was a very rushed mani since I started it an hour before I was meant to leave the house and I hadn't started getting dressed yet. The lack of cleanup was intentional...just kidding- I did the cleanup quite hurriedly in the car later on.

-I used Sinful Colours' "Snow White" as a base.
-Sinful Colours' "Sweet Treat" was the blood red. I mixed a little of the polish with some nail polish remover, dipped a straw into it and blew through the other end of the straw onto the nail. If you're doing this one, try to take a rest every so often to avoid getting lightheaded!

Happy polishing!

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