Thursday, 18 October 2012

Green and Metallic with a Touch of Purple


I recently went to the pharmacy to buy one item...In other words, I recently bought nail polish when I went to the pharmacy to buy something totally unrelated. I got Revlon's Top Speed polish in "Metallic" and their scented polish in "Mint Fizz," as well as Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear polish in "Green with Envy." The "Mint Fizz" polish does smell minty, besides the normal polish smell but I still would've been a tad disappointed if I'd bought it for the scent instead of the blue shimmery goodness. I was anxious to try "Metallic" and "Green with Envy" so I used both in a very quick and simple mani.

-I didn't bother to apply base coat today since I was in a hurry so application of these polishes was terrible! I used three coats of "Metallic" on my accent nail and two coats of "Green with Envy" on my other nails.

-I used a polish made right here in Trinidad to paint my design. It's "Purple Passion" by Arista. I used a long striping brush to paint curved "lines" on each nail, then used my dotting tool to paint dots below.

-It looked like it was missing something so I added smaller dots using a toothpick, and top coat smoothed the whole look out.

You'll be seeing quite a few dotticures here since it's one of my favourite ways of doing a mani.

Happy polishing!


  1. This is cute! I like it with the additional dots. Despite the unfortunate terrible application, I'd say they turned out great!



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