Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mash-Up Mani


I recently bought Sephora by OPI's "Mash-Up" polish, which is part of their Glee collection. The description on the website said it was an opaque polish but it's actually quite sheer. Nevertheless, it was the base of my mani.

-I used four coats of "Mash-Up" to get an opaque finish. It's a duochrome which goes from greenish grey to rose, depending on the angle you look at it from.

-I applied two coat's of Revlon's "Stunning" to my ring finger and thumb, then used my dotting tool to apply dots of Kleancolour's "It Purple" to the tips.
-I used L.A. Girl Magnetic polish in "Attract" on the tips of my pinky and index nails in a diagonal manner. I intended to have magnetic patterned nails but the pattern didn't look the way I'd envisioned it so I used Kleancolour's "Pearl Silver" with my dotting tool to add dots along the diagonal line.
-For my middle finger, I used "It Purple" and "Pearl Silver" again. I first did three purple lines parallel to the length of my nail, starting a little bit away from the nail bed and continuing to the tip. I then added three thinner lines with the silver just inside the purple lines. After that, I added some silver and purple dots with my dotting tool.
-Top coat sealed the look.

Tilted back to show the duochrome

Happy polishing!



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