Thursday, 27 September 2012

Neon charcoal

Hello! I'm breaking my "less chatter, more polish" rule for a minute to mention that I'm enjoying tonight's episode of Four Weddings. The wedding favours at one wedding included masquerade masks so of course I'm a fan ;)

...And now it's back to the polish. Have you overdone it with the neon this summer, yet still want a little colour in your life? If so, you feel exactly as I felt when I did this mani. I've done way too many neon manis, but I'm not ready to switch to the October dark hues yet, so I compromised.

Luckily, my ever so thoughtful fiance surprised me with a box of nail art supplies he'd bought for me! I'll be doing a review of the products in a later post but for now I'll just say the Shany stamping plates and striping polishes are very good so far.

-I started with my usual clear base coat, then Sinful Colours polish in "Secret Admirer." Two coats gave me a mostly opaque finish, albeit a little streaky on one or two nails.

-I used my Konad stamping set with white Konad special nail polish to apply my stamp. The pattern came from Shany's "SH22" image plate.

-I used Shany's striping polishes in 1 (lime green with a pearly finish), 3 (neon yellow), 4 (neon pink), 18 (neon blue) and 23 (neon orange) to colour the triangles in. I left a few triangles white here and there.
-I finished with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear topcoat in "Invisible."

Natural lighting

With flash

I later decided I wanted some more neon so I stamped my thumbnails as well, but it's up to you whether you want to do one accent nail, multiple accent nails, or...stamp all the nails!!!!!!

Happy polishing!


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  2. Love the accent nail, looks like confetti lol

    1. Thanks! I thought the same about the confetti! lol



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